Field Day Fun at Vista Academy of Garland

Vista Academy of Garland held their end-of-the-year Field Day on Friday, June 3.

Audrah Webb, a second-grade teacher, led a team of 20 teachers and staff in coordinating a very successful and fun event, said Campbell Gillis, campus director of the school. He went on to say that more than 15 parent/family volunteers showed up to assist with the days’ activities.

Fourth-grader Lauren participates in the egg race.

Kindergartner Angel enjoys eating a watermelon.

Earlier in the week, students created tie-dye t-shirts to wear during their activity day. With the help of teachers, the students created individual class t-shirts ranging from yellow, blue, pink, purple, and green for each grade level.

Mrs. Webb with her second-grade class

“Nearly 200 students, many with families who came to participate, rotated with their class among 10 different stations. Each stop featured different games and activities including relays, races, and even a watermelon seed-spitting contest,” Gillis said.

Six- and seventh-grade students volunteered during the event. They encouraged the younger kids and acted as referees at each of the 10 stations set up during the activity.

First-grader, Jarius, with sixth-grader, Sarah

Taking a break from the sweltering 97-degree temperature, students were excited to eat CiCi’s pizza for lunch. Afterwards, they finished their games and participated in an end-of-year raffle in the school gym.

During the year, student’s earned raffle tickets for good behavior and attendance, which they used to compete for more than 70 prizes that were handed out. Some of those prizes included iPod shuffles, handheld games, water-squirters, and various balls and games.

First-graders, Hunter and Shaula

Vista was thrilled to close out another great year in Garland with a fun (albeit exhausting) celebration honoring their wonderful students and families.




Vista Makes Extraordinary From the Daily Routine

Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2011

Fourth Graders at Vista Academy of Jasper investigated the history and symbolism of the Great Seal of the United States located on the back of a dollar bill–something seen and often overlooked each day of our lives. After exploring those details, they then created their own Family Seal, which included locating the meaning/origin of their family name, creating a picture to symbolize their family, and creating a family motto.

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Vista Academy of Dallas’ “Story Book Character Day”

As part of their fall Spirit Week, Vista Academy of Dallas held “Story Book Character Day,” on Tuesday, Sept. 27. Students dressed up as their favorite book characters and shared with their classmates why the characters were their favorite. Teachers also participated. Other Spirit Week activities included Crazy Socks and Hair Day, Hats on Day (to raise money for children with cancer), Pajama Day, and Western Day.

Below are a few photos:

Third grader, Nelson Rodriguez, dressed up as Shan, a character from the book “The Sword in the Tree.”








Left to right: Second graders, Joyceline Rangel, Valerie Rodriguez, Danielle Wyrick, and Lily Hernandez with their teacher, Ms. Amanda Puett.








Left to right: Mrs. Jessica Huffman (2nd grade teacher) as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz; Ms. Amanda Puett (2nd grade teacher) as Pippi Longstockings; Ms. Megan Theissen (3rd grade teacher) as Bella Swan from Twilight; Mrs. Yvette Iglinsky (director) as Junie B. Jones from Junie B. Jones book series; Mrs. Erika Jamison (kindergarten teacher) as Old Mother Hubbard; and Ms. Elizabeth Sabas (4th grade teacher) as Francine from the Arthur series.

Left to right: Fourth graders: Semaj’a Johnson, Miguel Zavala, Rodgret Turner, Citlalli Arias, and Jasmin Espinoza display their books.